2020 Kangaroo League Table - Excluding Self-led Deals

Kangaroo Bond League Table
(excluding self-led deals)
Jan 1 - Mar 13 2020

Bookrunner Volume
Market share (%)
Nomura 500 5 24.9
ANZ 292 2 14.5
Mizuho Securities 290 5 14.4
Deutsche Bank 283 2 14.1
J.P. Morgan 275 4 13.7
RBC Capital Markets 183 2 9.1
TD Securities 165 6 8.2
Citi 20 1 1.0
TOTAL 2,008   100

Source: KangaNews Mar 13 2020

Note: The last deal completed in the Kangaroo market priced on Mar 11 2020. The league table will be updated again when the next deal prices.

Note: Click on the link attached to each bank name to see a list of all league table eligible deals for that bank during the year.

Criteria: No minimum deal size; one-year minimum maturity or call date; dual-tranche issues counted as one deal of both tranches have the same maturity date; settlement date used for date calculations; issuer must be domiciled offshore; settlement through Austraclear; pricing must be disclosed; deal must be syndicated; excludes listed debt securities; bookrunners given equal allocation (unless advised otherwise).