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  • Cool runnings

    The Australian property market is a constant headline producer, particularly when prices are in decline. The recent cooling of house prices, however, has – so far – been a desired outcome for regulators and market participants who were seeking a soft landing after an unprecedented period of growth.
  • Nonbank capital-markets issuance history

    Exclusive information from the KangaNews deal database covering capital-markets transactions by nonbank issuers profiled in the KangaNews Nonbank Yearbook 2018.
  • Nonbank issuer profiles and perspectives

    This section contains key information on all the companies covered in the KangaNews Nonbank Yearbook 2018, as well as issuer-specific interviews with key executives from the premium and supporting partner firms.
  • Nonbanks navigate changing conditions

    In September 2018, KangaNews hosted its third annual roundtable discussion for nonbank lenders. Sector leaders discuss a more challenging funding environment and the shifting sands of the Australian property market and regulatory landscape, calling attention to the ongoing growth opportunity before them.
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