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  • Athena enters the pantheon

    Where many new lenders are seeking growth in areas they believe are under-served by the banks, Athena is going head to head with established players in the prime mortgage space. The company’s Sydney-based cofounder and chief operating officer, Michael Starkey, tells KangaNews how it is winning business through a true fintech offering – and how it will fund its book.
  • Australian market hopeful on broader collateral

    Issuance in the Australian securitisation market has historically been dominated by residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) – a trend which shows little sign of changing. At the same time, though, there appears to be growing supply of, and demand for, a wider range of securitisation collateral.
  • Australian nonbank trajectory still pointing up

    In September 2019, KangaNews convened its annual roundtable discussion between the heads of funding at Australia’s most prominent nonbank lenders – cohosted, for the first time, by Natixis. The fundamental story continues to be one of asset growth and therefore a need to keep building access to global funding options.
  • New Zealand securitisation waking up

    New Zealand’s securitisation market has traditionally been underdeveloped, with limited issuance giving little incentive for institutional investors to devote analyst resources to the asset class. Nonbanks are benefiting from market growth, however – and regulatory change could be the catalyst for a further leap forward.
  • Nonbank issuer profiles and perspectives 2019

    Key data and information on 13 nonbank lenders active in Australia and New Zealand, including programme information, funding strategy, debt data and issuer insights. 
  • Nonbank mythbusting

    The nonbank lending sector represents a significant portion of the Australian securitisation market. While the volume and frequency of deals indicates an increasing level of investor comfort with the sector, myths pertaining to nonbanks’ lending practices persist and could inhibit future funding growth.
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