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  • ACGB issuance strategy: maintenance mode

    The 2017/18 Australian Commonwealth budget enabled the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) to project a reduced year-ahead funding requirement for the first time since the financial crisis. Although market participants have no expectation of significant surpluses ahead, they are...
  • Changing of the guard

    Australian corporates give insights into the changing shape of their bank groups in the last few years.
  • Conditional pass through ticks the boxes for BOQ

    Issuer and lead sources on Bank of Queensland (BOQ)’s debut conditional pass through (CPT) covered bond say the deal paves the way for more Australian-origin issuance for the broadly European asset class. The deal helped BOQ achieve a key target in its funding strategy as well as provided a...
  • Constitutional risk, liquidity and the evolution of the SSA sector

    L-Bank hosted a roundtable discussion to inform investors about upcoming changes to Germany’s tax equalisation system, and the broader context in which high-grade global issuers exist. Investors also share their preferences in the SSA sector.
  • Credit wrap

    Westpac Institutional Bank executives review an annual project to gauge the Australian credit views of investors in four locations around the world, and the state of the Australian credit market from a global perspective.
  • Eyes on liquidity and line size as Kauri market shapes for H2 issuance pickup

    Issuers and intermediaries in the high-grade Kauri market say pricing and demand fundamentals should be supportive of an improved H2 issuance outcome. Despite a slow period for new issuance of late, market users say the Kauri asset class has continued to develop in the background.
  • Eyes to the future

    Edith Sitzmann, minister of finance for the state of Baden-Württemberg, talks to KangaNews about the German tax-reform process and the state’s overall budget situation.
  • Issuers on the Japanese bid

    As part of KangaNews and Mizuho Securities' Japanese investor-engagement project, four Australian bond issuers give their insights into the evolution of Japanese demand for Australian dollar issuance and how they engage with this important bid.
  • Japanese investor demand for Australian dollars

    Mizuho Securities and KangaNews hosted Japanese investors at a discussion focused on why they think demand for Australian dollar investments will continue.
  • Noninstitutional fixed income and the future

    On 20 July, KangaNews and National Australia Bank hosted their second annual Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit in Sydney. With more than 500 delegates in attendance the event went to a new level in 2017, as speakers shared views on how noninstitutional investors will engage with...
  • TCorp spreads the net

    A larger funding task means New South Wales Treasury Corporation is working hard to attract even more investors, says head of funding and balance sheet, Fiona Trigona.
  • The big picture

    KangaNews hosted its fifth annual KangaNews NZDCM Summit on August 2. In 2017, the discussion was more topical and wide-ranging than ever before, giving insights into local socially responsible investment, the views of New Zealand’s C-suite on the business environment and a geopolitical outlook....
  • The hammer fallacy

    The Australian government’s move to extend banking regulation to the nonbank sector looks like a classic example of the old adage: “When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”
  • Why human judgement is needed for 'smart contracts' to be really smart

    Scott Farrell, partner at King & Wood Mallesons, shares his views on ‘smart contracts’ in capital markets.
  • Winner's words: financial institution treasury executive of the year

    Curt Zuber, group treasurer at Westpac Banking Corporation and five-time winner of the KangaNews Award for Financial Institution Treasury Institution Executive of the Year, shares career highlights and challenges with KangaNews.
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