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  • Ticket to the ghost train

    Investors are adjusting to a new normal in the Australian high-grade market as conditions settle after March’s turmoil. Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) bond purchases slowed to a halt by the mid-way point of the year, but investors say its presence is still bringing stability and creating opportunities.
  • Victoria confronts a crisis from a rock-solid base

    Victoria was arguably the best performer among Australia’s states going into the COVID-19 crisis. Despite significant local and national challenges, the state’s Melbourne-based treasurer, Tim Pallas, says its goal is to chart a path back to positive outcomes in future.
  • WA keeps on its toes as lockdown end nears

    Western Australia (WA) has had among Australia’s best outcomes when it comes to the health aspect of the COVID-19 crisis, allowing it to project a target date for the lifting of all remaining social restrictions state-wide. Ben Wyatt, WA’s Perth-based treasurer, discusses the state’s economic response and outlook.
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