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Thursday, 05 November 2020
Oct/Nov 2020

Rocky road ahead

The 2020 iteration of the KangaNews-Moody’s Investors Service Corporate Borrower’s Intentions Survey highlights the response of corporate Australia and New Zealand to COVID-19. The results show treasury teams are anticipating a rocky path out of the crisis and a heightened domestic focus to their funding plans.

Tuesday, 11 June 2024
KangaNews Sustainable Finance H1 2024

Time for Australian sustainable finance to step up to the plate

Clearer policy direction, the development and implementation of a local taxonomy and mandatory climate reporting, and the impending inevitability of energy transition seem set to turbo charge the Australian sustainable finance market. Speakers at the KangaNews Sustainable Debt Summit in Sydney on 19 March discussed the economic and market impact of this inflection point.

Thursday, 30 May 2024

CBA returns to wholesale market and revives GSS programme with green euro tier-two deal

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) made its debut in green tier-two format for its first euro deal in unsecured format since 2018. The issuer was rewarded with what it views as a clearly definable ‘greenium’, while also satisfying pent-up European investor demand outside covered bonds and continuing the bank’s build towards total loss-absorbing capacity.

Monday, 29 April 2024
Apr/May 2024

Foundations for the future

The KangaNews Debt Capital Market Summit 2024 took place in Sydney on 18 March amid an unprecedented bonanza of new issuance and at what could prove to be an inflection point for the local market. The agenda covered a raft of topics centred on the theme of taking advantage of recent growth to deliver a market that is match fit for the demands that will be placed on it, with discussions ranging from the impact of geopolitics and global economic currents to the need to stay ahead of accelerating technological advances.

Wednesday, 01 May 2024
Apr/May 2024

External support still the talking point in bank ratings review

The nature and likelihood of pre-failure external support for banks has been brought back into focus following an update to the methodology Moody’s Ratings uses to assess the Australian banking sector. Some banks do not believe the new analysis gives sufficient weight to the likelihood of external support before the point of failure – even for entities not deemed systemically important.

Wednesday, 17 January 2024
Dec/Jan 2023/2024

Securitisation builds an audience for its diversity story

The Australian Securitisation Forum’s 2023 annual conference attracted a record number of delegates – well over a thousand attended – and offered its most wide-ranging agenda ever. The securitisation industry has navigated higher rates and increasing global uncertainty well to date, with record volume printing in 2023 and a notable uptick in collateral diversity. The road ahead may be tricky but the market is facing it with confidence.

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