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Sunday, 30 August 2020
Oct/Nov 2020

Conditions stabilise for New Zealand corporates as investors flood in

A flurry of corporate deals have reopened the New Zealand market with high levels of demand, seemingly undeterred by the latest lockdowns. Deal sources say demand has always been present, especially in the retail space, but it is only now that issuers have been willing to test the waters for new issuance.

Wednesday, 17 January 2024
Dec/Jan 2023/2024

Australasian energy transition from generator to user

Energy transition will affect every nation, business and individual, and the scale of the task – and the resulting upheaval – is only now starting to become a stark reality. Fitch Ratings and KangaNews gathered Australian and New Zealand capital market participants representing the full power supply chain and the buy side to discuss with Fitch’s analysts what is coming down the pike.

Saturday, 04 November 2023
Oct/Nov 2023

New Zealand reaches across-the-board inflection points

The KangaNews New Zealand Debt Capital Market Summit took place in Auckland in September, at a critical juncture for all of the local political, economic, market and environmental transition stories. Conversations at the conference were more wide-ranging than ever, with contributions from the political, business and markets sectors at a moment when the agenda for the coming years is being formed in real time.

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