Treasury Corporation of Victoria

Sunday, 03 January 2021
Dec/Jan 2020/2021

KangaNews DCM Summit duration webinar

The development of long-dated liquidity is a massive agenda item for the Australian debt market, as sovereign issuance soars and yield at the front end stays anchored. Local and global market participants shared views on how duration has evolved internationally and what might be in store for Australia, at a November KangaNews Debt Capital Markets Summit 2020 webinar.

Monday, 07 August 2023
Aug/Sep 2023 High-Grade Supplement

Conditions coalesce for Australian government-sector issuers

The annual roundtable for Australia’s leading government-sector borrowers, hosted by KangaNews and Westpac Institutional Bank in July, found the issuers in buoyant mood. They have been able to shake off market volatility and economic uncertainty to deliver positive funding outcomes – while the semi-government sector in particular may have hit a new level of liquidity and global relevance.

Monday, 07 August 2023
Aug/Sep 2023 High-Grade Supplement

Semis take centre stage in Australian liquidity evolution

A step-change in supply dynamics has combined with positive demand factors to boost secondary turnover in Australian semi-government bonds. Local real-money investors generally agree with the suggestion that semi-government tradability has reached a new level, while bid-side liquidity is strong even for less heavily traded names.

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