2011 Kauri League Table - Incl. Self-Led Deals

2011 Kauri League Table
Including Self-Led Deals
Jan 1 - Oct 18 2011

Bookrunner Volume
No. Deals % Total
ANZ 1,050 8 60.0
Westpac Institutional Bank 250 2 14.3
Deutsche Bank 150 1 8.6
TD Securities 150 1 8.6
BNZ 150 2 8.6
TOTAL 1,750 100


Note: Click on the link attached to each bank name to see a list of all league table eligible deals for that bank during the year

Criteria: NZ$25m minimum size (except for increases: eligible if original deal meets size criterion); One year minimum maturity or call date; Settlement date used for date calculations; Pricing must be disclosed; Bookrunners given equal  allocation.

Must also meet criteria for Kauri bond definition: Settled via Austraclear NZ; Issuer domiciled offshore; Denominated in NZD; Documented offshore (except for supranationals of which NZ is a member).