2021 Australian Sustainable Bond League Table - All Issuers - Incl. Self-led Deals

Australian Sustainable Bond League Table - all issuers
(including self-led deals)
1 Jan - 31 Dec 2021

Bookrunner Volume
Market share (%)
ANZ 2,976 14 15.1
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 2,419 15 12.3
RBC Capital Markets 2,300 12 11.7
Deutsche Bank 2,194 10 11.2
Nomura 2,150 15 10.9
TD Securities 2,145 13 10.9
UBS 1,636 5 8.3
Westpac Institutional Bank 986 10 5.0
National Australia Bank 925 4 4.7
J.P.Morgan 650 6 3.3
HSBC 250 3 1.3
BNP Paribas 225 3 1.1
Mizuho Securities 205 2 1.0
Citi 175 2 0.9
MUFG Securities 100 1 0.5
OCBC Bank 100 1 0.5
SMBC Nikko 83 1 0.4
Daiwa Capital Markets 75 2 0.4
Bank of China 75 1 0.4
TOTAL 19,670   100

Source: KangaNews 31 December 2021

Note: The last deal completed in the Australian sustainable bond market priced on 18 November 2021.

Note: Click on the link attached to each bank name to see a list of all league table eligible deals for that bank during the year.

Sustainable bond criteria: Must be aligned with recognised external global principles/standards. At this stage, KangaNews accepts the following:
(a) Green bonds: ICMA Green Bond Principles or CBI Climate Bonds Standard
(b) Social bonds: ICMA Social Bond Principles
(c) Sustainability bonds: ICMA Sustainability Bond Guidelines
(d) Sustainability-linked bonds: ICMA Sustainability-linked Bond Principles
(e) Transition bonds: ICMA Climate Transition Finance Handbook

To determine whether a bond is "aligned", all issuers outside the SSA sector will need to show an external review that verfies alignment with the Principles and must also have a framework (ie the core components plus key recommendations of the Principles). For SSA issuers, a framework is preferable but if none exists the issuer must show that it has internal processes in place to follow alignment and also that it offers investors detailed impact reporting.

Additional criteria: Must be public bond; no minimum size; one-year minimum maturity or call date; dual-tranche issues counted as one deal if both tranches have the same maturity date; settlement date used for date calculations; issued in AUD; no requirements regarding domicile of issuer; pricing must be disclosed; deal must be syndicated; bookrunners given equal allocation (unless advised otherwise); excludes bonds that have been retrospectively labelled as susstainable bonds; excludes asset-backed securities.