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  • 2020 SSA issuers' matrix

    Sponsored by L-Bank, the 2020 SSA issuers' matrix provides a summary of key data for 33 borrowers profiled in the KangaNews SSA Yearbook.
  • Core markets and labelled issuance top of the SSA agenda

    Since 2014, KangaNews has conducted an annual survey of supranational, sovereign and agency (SSA) issuers active in Australasian debt markets to get an update on their global funding experiences. The 2020 iteration of the survey points to a market that has come through the COVID-19 crisis in good shape, with a renewed focus on core currencies and labelled green, social and sustainability (GSS) bond issuance.
  • Dealer's view

    At the end of the third quarter of a tumultuous year for global markets, Yuriy Popovych, director, syndicate at TD Securities in Singapore, casts an eye over the global supranational, sovereign and agency (SSA) funding sector and discusses the trends shaping it.
  • Profiles of SSA borrowers

    Key information, charts and contact details for 33 supranational, sovereign and agency (SSA) borrowers relevant to the Australian and New Zealand markets. In 2020, the SSA profiles have been refreshed to include detailed information on borrower green, social and sustainability funding programmes.
  • Social embracing

    Social distancing has been a key part of the global response to COVID-19 everywhere but debt capital markets, where social funding outcomes have come to the fore. As with most green, social and sustainability (GSS) bond developments, supranational, sovereign and agency (SSA) borrowers are leading the evolution of social issuance.
  • Time to shine

    For many supranational, sovereign and agency (SSA) borrowers, providing credit to aid economies through the COVID-19 crisis goes to the core of their purpose. Even those experiencing little impact on the lending side are now dealing with substantially changed capital markets.
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