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  • Australian and New Zealand nonbank issuance data

      pdf Click here (149 KB) to view exclusive information from the KangaNews database covering capital-markets transactions issued by nonbank lenders featured in the KangaNews Nonbank Yearbook.
  • Australian nonbanks' song remains the same

    Every year, KangaNews hosts Australia’s leading nonbank lenders at a sector roundtable discussion – supported since 2019 by Natixis. In keeping with the unique circumstances of 2020, this year’s roundtable was conducted via videoconference. While market conditions have changed dramatically in the past 12 months, the sector is able to tell the same story of solid funding foundations and sound credit quality.
  • New Zealand housing keeps its head above water

    House prices in New Zealand have risen over the COVID-19 period, defying the expectations of many in the early stages of the pandemic. The prospect of negative interest rates should buoy the sector further, though there are still plenty of headwinds to navigate.
  • Nonbank issuer profiles and perspectives 2020

    Key data and information on 16 nonbank lenders active in Australia and New Zealand including programme information, funding strategy, debt data and issuer insights. 
  • Sizeable but nimble: a specialised trustee offering

    Equity Trustees is Australia’s only publicly listed trustee company specialising solely in fiduciary services. Its size allows it to offer a full suite of trustee and agency solutions to a broad range of clients, while its focus on fiduciary services means it can be flexible to meet niche demands.
  • The housing highway

    Most analysts anticipated the Australian housing market would take a hammering from COVID-19. More than six months into the crisis, house prices have held up better than expected and experience suggests the sector will be among the leaders of a future economic recovery.
  • The support band: AOFM’s SFSF and FSPV

    The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) has intervened in the Australian securitisation market since March through its structured finance support fund (SFSF), which facilitated significant securitisation deal flow in the mid-part of 2020. The AOFM is further enhancing its market support with the introduction of its forbearance special-purpose vehicle (FSPV).
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