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  • Digitalisation drives competitive edge across nonbank sector

    Australia’s nonbank financial institutions are no strangers to the concept of chasing competitive advantage wherever they can find it. A roundtable hosted by KangaNews and Perpetual Corporate Trust explores ways in which digitalisation is delivering for nonbanks in the data, credit and funding spaces.
  • Lending and funding growth back in focus for nonbanks

    If 2020 was a story of resilience in the face of an unprecedented external shock for Australian nonbank lenders, this year has been about the return of growth in originations accompanied by perhaps the best-ever conditions in domestic securitisation. At a roundtable hosted by KangaNews and Natixis, issuers speak about their aspirations and funding consequences.
  • New Zealand securitisation starts to deliver on potential

    Fulfilling the promise hinted at in 2019 but put on hold while the local lending market worked its way through the consequences of the pandemic, 2021 is now officially a record issuance year in the New Zealand securitisation market. Total year-to-date-issuance, of NZ$1.5 billion (US$1 billion), has ticked past the previous record and market participants are confident deal flow will continue despite the latest...
  • Nonbank issuer profiles and perspectives 2021

    Key data and information on 24 nonbank lenders active in Australia and New Zealand including programme information, funding strategy, debt data and issuer insights. 
  • Nonbanks make hay but contemplate season change

    Australia’s nonbank financial institutions have enjoyed an unprecedented domestic funding bonanza in 2021 as circumstances have aligned to provide all-time record securitisation volume and the best pricing conditions since the financial crisis. Book growth and the return of competing supply mean the search for new liquidity pools is likely to move back up the agenda soon, however.
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