Women in Treasury

The Women in Treasury (WIT) network was founded in 2015 in Melbourne and the Sydney branch was established in 2018. The networks are managed separately but with some crossover always welcome when members are travelling.

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The purpose of the networks is to act as a family for the female treasury community, where women can learn from one another’s technical knowledge as well as selected speakers, and where women have a safe space to share contacts and personal career advice. Informal mentoring sessions are offered, the aim being to enable women to develop relationships with openness to ask work-related questions.

The success of WIT is that it targets connection within the industry, soft-skill development and career-planning advice. This is a unique offering and job opportunities have been filled through this group. To date, WIT has been focused on New South Wales and Victoria but this may grow in the future.


WIT’s members are principally corporate members from all shapes and sizes of companies. While female employees of financial institutions are fortunate to have options for networking and career support, it was felt that this was missing in the corporate-treasury market.

Sydney committee members

  • Bláthnaid Byrne
  • Sophia Li
  • Nanette Lowe
  • Rudy Anjum
  • Shona Shedden

Melbourne committee members

  • Alice Van Der Geest
  • Louise Moorhead
  • Diane Crossley

WIT arranges a broad range of fun and enjoyable events across breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, with talks from speakers on topics such as personal branding and LinkedIn presence, diversity challenges in executive careers, overcoming adversity, negative interest rates, how to establish a strong network for strong women, geopolitical tensions and the potential resulting impact on rates, how to harness fear and turn it into a strength, talks over biodynamic wine tasting with executive females, and interactive information sharing about smart contracts from top legal firms.

WIT has been privileged to have the support of the banking and legal-services communities, which are advocates of diversity and developing career opportunities in the treasury market. WIT is extremely grateful for this support. The network has also hosted dual-branded functions with the Finance and Treasury Association.

WIT always tries to keep its sessions informal so members can feel comfortable to ask any and all questions. More recently, the network has been holding coffee chats, initially face-to-face but adapting these to virtual coffees as the pandemic situation has evolved.

Women in Treasury Sydney event.

Women in Treasury Melbourne event.