EIB prints A$500 million increase to October 2025 Kangaroo

Issuer name: European Investment Bank
Issuer rating: AAA/Aaa/AAA
Issue rating: as issuer
Pricing date: 13 September 2022
Settlement date: 21 September 2022
Maturity date: 17 October 2025
Lead managers: ANZ, Nomura, RBC Capital Markets

Transaction type: senior-unsecured Kangaroo bond
Volume: A$500 million (US$343.6 million)
Total outstanding in the line: A$1.25 billion
Coupon type: fixed
Coupon rate: 2.9%
Issue/re-offer price: 97.512% (plus 1.244% accrued)
Issue yield: 3.765%
Margin: 18bp/s-q swap
Margin to ACGB: 54.9bp/November 2025