KBN adds A$60 million to its 2027 Kangaroo

Issuer name: Kommunalbanken Norway
Issuer rating: AAA/Aaa
Issue rating: as issuer
Pricing date: 2 December 2022
Settlement date: 9 December 2022
Maturity date: 19 January 2027
Lead manager: Deutsche Bank

Transaction type: senior-unsecured Kangaroo increase
Volume: A$60 million (US$40.8 million)
Total outstanding in the line: A$615 million
Coupon type: fixed
Coupon rate: 1.9%
Issue/re-offer price: 91.779% (plus 143 days accrued)
Issue yield: 4.092%
Margin to ACGB: 91.25bp/April 2027