KangaNews Awards 2022: Market People of the Year

The KangaNews Market People of the Year were revealed at the KangaNews Awards Gala Dinner on 21 March. These are the individuals who voters in the KangaNews Awards 2022 believe went above and beyond their roles to contribute to the development of the Australian and New Zealand debt markets. There are no restrictions on the firms, positions or seniority of winners – voters are simply asked to consider who contributed most to the market in either or both 2022 specifically or across the span of a career.

The individual categories in the KangaNews Awards recognise industry professionals that have contributed to the development of the market above and beyond the parameters of their roles – regardless of what those roles are. There are nine KangaNews Market People of the Year for 2022. See below for the list of winners announced so far and their achievements in 2022, and click here to revisit the full list of 2022 deal and house award winners.

The KangaNews Awards: Market People of the Year 2022


New Zealand is well progressed on the journey to integrating financial markets, sustainability and the world of regulatory and legislative policy. A key part of that process is the country’s commitment to transparent climate disclosures from all key economic actors. New Zealand passed a significant landmark late in 2022 with the publication of its climate-related disclosure standards – a piece of work delivered over three consultative iterations over 18 months. The External Reporting Board steered this process, and the KangaNews Awards acclaim the efforts of its chair, Michele Embling, and chief executive, April Mackenzie, for delivering an outcome that market participants believe meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.


2022 was a landmark year for BNZ as an intermediary in the New Zealand fixed-income market. The bank played a crucial role in groundbreaking transactions – for instance as arranger of New Zealand Debt Management’s debut as a green-bond issuer – while also delivering for clients and issuers across the board. As a result, BNZ became the first new winner of the KangaNews Award as New Zealand Bond House of the Year for more than a decade. Mike Faville is synonymous with BNZ’s operation, widely liked and respected in the local market for his integrity and professionalism. He is justly rewarded for his leadership over an extended period.


Ardea Investment Management has now held the KangaNews Award as Rates Fund Manager of the Year for six years running, befitting the firm’s near-unique status in the Australian market and the esteem in which it is held by peers and other market participants. A major contributor to this positive feeling is the work of Tamar Hamlyn, who is described by awards voters in terms not just of his professionalism and market leadership but also his willingness to go above and beyond to engage with market development. Tamar and Ardea continue to be a guidestone for fixed-income investment in the Australian market.


Clean Energy Finance Corporation has more than delivered on its mandate of catalysing capital flows into energy transition. The firm has been more than just a cornerstone investor in a raft of innovative financing transactions but has itself been behind much of that innovation, working with lenders, investors and borrowers to deliver efficient capital allocation in a way that encourages wider participation. In short, if there is a novel deal in the Australian sustainable debt market there is a good chance CEFC is involved. Richard Lovell is a key driving force behind this innovation, and the KangaNews Awards recognise his tireless engagement with the market and forward-looking mindset even beyond the scope of CEFC’s mandate.


Green, social and sustainability bond issuance is still in its relative infancy in the sovereign sector, with a relatively small number of global governments committing to and developing issuance programmes. New Zealand not only debuted its green-bond programme with a first benchmark deal in 2022 but did so with what is widely acclaimed as a world-leading programme. Far from just setting aside some qualifying assets on the sovereign balance sheet, the programme lays out and communicates national climate-related funding plans across the board and incorporates innovative considerations like biodiversity. Kim Martin and Karina Witty were the driving force behind the programme’s development and the market process for the first deal, and are rewarded for their efforts with recognition as KangaNews Market People of the Year.


Asian Development Bank has long been a significant borrower in the Australian and New Zealand markets but 2022 was a landmark year especially in New Zealand, where the supranational was responsible for more than half the aggregate Kauri issuance for most of the year. ADB’s Kangaroo and Kauri programmes have increasingly been the responsibility of Anthony Ruschpler, and market participants note his engagement with both jurisdictions, and his willingness to respond to queries and provide updates. As Ruschpler moves to a new role within ADB, the KangaNews Awards acclaim his role in strengthening connections between the bank and Antipodean markets.


2022 may have been a down year for corporate Australia’s activity in debt capital markets worldwide but NBN Co was a clear outlier, as it continued to term out its debt book with particular focus on the domestic option. Australian investors note Fiona Trigona’s responsiveness to their needs and the way she has established NBN’s treasury function to be market friendly. Under Trigona’s guidance, the company’s financing is also fully aligned with its sustainability strategy and sustainable financial markets – leadership that is widely expected to continue into the future as bond issuance continues. Trigona stands out among Australian corporate treasurers and is recognised for this leadership in the KangaNews Awards.