100 Women in Finance

100 Women in Finance (100WF) is a global finance industry organisation with more than 15,000 members, operating in 26 locations on four continents. Core member services are industry education, peer networks and impact opportunities. The current strategic priorities include the Investing in the Next Generation initiatives and elevating the public visibility of female investment professionals and women in senior fintech roles.

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100WF operates under a guiding 30×40 vision in which women will perform 30 per cent of investment-team and finance-industry executive leadership roles by 2040.

100WF members strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. They inspire, equip and advocate for a new generation of industry leadership, in which women and men serve as investment professionals and executives, equal in achievement and impact.

Through education, peer engagement and impact, the organisation furthers the progress of women who have chosen finance as a career and enables their positive influence over pre-career young women.


100WF was founded in 2001, when three women working at hedge funds had a novel idea: bring together 100 female investment professionals to lever their collective relationships and enhance connectivity within the alternative investment industry.

The group was initially called 100 Women in Hedge Funds. In the beginning, the founders identified three areas where collaborative efforts could effect change in the industry and beyond: peer engagement, philanthropy and education. A simple idea became a powerful mission and rippled through the industry – drawing members from hedge funds and alternative investments as well as the wider finance industry.

From the beginning, the 100WF model has been practitioner- and volunteer-driven. With a small staff and a volunteer global governing board, the organisation boasts 500 active volunteers who implement the mission.

In late 2016, the organisation formally re-branded to become 100 Women in Finance. The rebranding expresses a more inclusive membership across the financial spectrum – including all forms of alternative investments, the traditional long-only industry and new iterations of finance such as fintech.

In 2019, 100WF evolved the pillars of its core enterprise to be education, peer engagement and impact – which was formerly the philanthropy pillar. With its impact pillar, 100WF works to strengthen and diversify the finance industry’s investment and executive talent, and to create purposeful pathways toward careers in finance for pre-career young women of all backgrounds.


100WF’s members are finance-industry practitioners of all levels of seniority and any area of functional expertise. Membership is open to all, women and men, who support the mission and wish to benefit from 100WF’s industry education and professional-development programmes, global peer networks, impact opportunities, job board and other membership features. Members are asked to pay a modest annual fee for access to 100WF’s offerings and many members additionally support 100WF’s mission as “global angels”.

Industry partners

100WF enjoys sponsorship by a large number of corporate entities, primarily large global financial institutions, alternative-investment firms and industry service providers. Sponsors provide funding for key 100WF initiatives and operations, and also provide 100WF memberships for their employees. Some companies provide in-kind support to the organisation via event hosting, offering speakers and providing professional services.

100WF additionally partners with select industry organisations to offer opportunities that further benefit 100WF members.


100WF produces more than 300 events per year, globally. They range from large, in-person industry gatherings and conferences to smaller, more intimate gatherings of senior professionals who share common professional interests. Increasingly, 100WF events are recorded and are made available for members’ on-demand enjoyment.

Board members

100WF is a nonprofit organisation governed by the 100WF global association board, a diverse group of senior finance-industry executives. The board sets the organisation’s strategic objectives, develops global policies and oversees finances. It governs all 100WF legal entities to achieve the organisation’s mission and comply with regulations in global locations in which 100WF operates. The board meets quarterly, usually in New York – where the organisation is headquartered.