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  • Australia's buy side steps up

    Australia’s government-sector issuers say their local real-money investor base was a key provider of funds in 2018. As market conditions shift once more, opinions about sector outlook vary within this newly re-energised buyer base.
  • Australia's government sector takes the long view

    The start of 2019 marks an interesting juncture for Australia’s government-sector borrowers, characterised by falling sovereign issuance, heightened market volatility and the emergence of sustainable debt as a regular funding option. KangaNews gathered the market’s key players at a roundtable...
  • High grade capital-markets issuance history

    Exclusive information from the KangaNews deal database covering capital-markets transactions by high-grade issuers profiled in the KangaNews High-Grade Yearbook 2019.
  • High-grade issuer profiles and perspectives

    Key data and information on 15 high-grade issuers active in the Australasian debt markets, including funding strategy information, debt data and issuer-specific perspectives. 
  • New Zealand's high-grade sector close up

    In January 2019, KangaNews invited representatives of New Zealand’s major government-sector funders to a roundtable discussion in Wellington. The discussion covered all the factors most relevant to these issuers in today’s market – including the global funding environment, supply-and-demand...
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