TCV prints A$2.025 billion tap to September 2033 line

Issuer name: Treasury Corporation of Victoria
Issuer rating: AA/Aa2
Issue rating: as issuer
Pricing date: 4 August 2022
Settlement date: 9 August 2022
Maturity date: 15 September 2033
Lead managers: ANZ, BofA Securities, Deutsche Bank, Westpac Institutional Bank

Transaction type: senior-unsecured 
Volume: A$2.025 billion (US$1.4 billion)
Coupon type: fixed
Coupon rate: 2.25%
Issue/re-offer price: 85.532%
Issue yield: 3.865%
Margin: 72bp/10-year futures
Margin to ACGB: 68.7bp/November 2033